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On-line screening of The Blood Records; written and annotated curated by MacKenzie Art Gallery  Executive Director/CEO Anthony Kiendl 

Live streamed June 11, 2020, @7pm, followed by a conversation with Dr. Lauren Fournier. The video and conversation remained available on the gallery website until September 10, 2020.

‚ÄúCurated in the context of COVID-19, this artist video takes a look back at a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1944, in the heart of the Canadian prairies (Fort San, Saskatchewan). The Blood Records: written and annotated explores the world of a young girl, ill with tuberculosis. Struggling to escape her diseased body, her spirit roams freely throughout the long days and nights, reminiscing about her family, fearful of the fate of a beloved older brother who is fighting in The War, missing her native language (French) which is now foreign to her tongue after two years in the English hospital and idolizing the handsome but distant war correspondent who has just been admitted. A haunting tale of disease and loss, the work infuses the irrevocably sad memories of the girl with a hope only possible through survival. Visually compelling, with austere tableau shot on location in real sanatoria lending a feeling of inevitability to each scene. A tale told within the skin of consciousness.) Anthony Kiendl