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Gruseln in der Nacht […bump in the night (Stuttgart)]

Steele&Tomczak. Digital prints. 2008. Stuttgart, Germany.

Gruseln in der Nacht […bump in the night (Stuttgart)] continues a project we began in Toronto. It involves young people at a time of anticipated change – typically from 15 to 18 years of age. In June 2008, near Stuttgart, we interviewed eleven young people on the last day of their years in middle school. From here, some would go on to technical apprenticeships or training; others would go to the gymnasium and then to the university…

Text Messaging, of the Old School. Toronto Star review of …bump in the night. Toronto Star. October 30, 2010.

Youth as Tasted by the Young. Feature on ‘…bump in the night’ at Dazibao, Montreal.

Short Life, Long Nights, Keep Dreaming: Recent Photo and Video Works. Press Release from Dazibao Centre de Photographies Actuelles. November 2008